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At present as standard, prints are supplied in three sizes and are unmounted. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Print sizes available at present are:

Paper size
Image size Landscape
Image size Portrait
Sizes in inches
Sizes in mm
Sizes in inches
Sizes in mm
Sizes in inches
Sizes in mm
Size 1
12 x 16
304.8 x 406.4
 9 ˝ x 14
241   x 356
10 x 13 ˝
254 x 343
Size 2
16 x 20
406.4 x 508
12 ˝ x 17
318   x 432
13 x 16 ˝
330 x 413
Size 3
20 x 30
508    x 762
16     x 22
406.4 x 560
15 x 22
382 x 560

The overall size is the paper sizes. Please note the image size is not a “bleed” size. A bleed is where the image goes right to the edge of the page. The image itself is smaller than the paper size it resides in, to allow for cropping and to provide what is considered a pleasing white framework around the image, relative to its composition. This is at the printers discretion, consideration and taste for every particular picture, which is why the image size will alter slightly to suit that particular picture’s composition. The image size dimensions are the area with in which the image will sit. It will not always fit both dimensions fully.

Limited Editions and Artist Proofs (AP)

All prints supplied are part of a specified limited edition that is shown in the appropriate thumbnail of that print along with the price, media and sizes on offer. These will vary from artist to artist. Please note that as the sales of a particular print increases, the remaining prints on offer may increase in price.

Artist Proofs (AP) are a small number of prints that fall outside the limited editions quota and are retained by the artist themselves or have been used for tests or donated to an organization.

C Type Prints

Digital C-Type prints are real photographic prints produced by a laser process using light sensitive papers containing a light sensitive emulsion. Exposed, developed and fixed in the same way as traditional photographic printing, this is known as a wet process. Where original images are on film or negatives they are first scanned to produce a digital file which can then be used in this process.

Giclee Prints

Giclee printing is a dry process where by tiny droplets of ink are sprayed in a controlled fashion onto the paper. This process uses the very latest and sophisticated inkjet printers with archival inks and papers.

Please note that images are supplied with one of the two above printing methods by default at the printers discretion. The print finishes are of a subjective nature. If you require the finish different from the one listed, please indicate your preference when ordering.


All papers and inks used by us are of the highest professional standard available, offering the very maximum of archival life expectancy, which for both types are around 40 years in daylight and 80 years in dark.

As with all works of art they shouldn’t be displayed or exposed to prolonged periods in harsh sunlight conditions.

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